Macintosh Classic II

Thought this audience would appreciate the new addition to my ‘man cave’. :slight_smile: A gift from my Dad’s wife. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be working when I plug it in. Not sure if there are any simple diagnostics or suggestions that I could try to bring it back to life. I can verify that the outlet I used does work.

cc: @ismh , @MacSparky


Do you hear a chime, noise or any reaction on the display?

I have this one sitting next to my desk. I have the keyboard and mouse in storage in the basement. This worked well a couple of years ago, and I would boot it up on occasion and bask in the glory that was OS 7.

Last time I tried, I got a funny smell after the chime, and a checkerboard pattern on the screen. Then I smelled a bit of burning, so I turned it off and haven’t tried again. Some research told me that it needs to be re-capped. But it isn’t worth the $$ - it makes for a nice showpiece just sitting there.

This isn’t my first Mac, I had an SE that I wish I had kept. But this reminds of that old friend.


It is a fun machine. I also have heard that they should be recapped if they do not turn on or have the wonderful checkered pattern. However, I have taken ours apart and cleaned the board with alcohol and a toothbrush. It took a few cleanings, but eventually it started turning on again. I keep hoping it stays OK. However, it seems it happens often.

I wish you well on the endeavor to get it back up and going.

Nothing happens when I flip the switch in the back.

I believe you were given what some here might call a “doorstop”…

Mr Hackett would probably refer to it as “the start of a Collection” :rofl:

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No doubt! I may take the advice of others and try to take it apart and clean the components to see if that makes any impact.

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At the risk of sounding naïve, have you tried starting it with the shift key down? That will turn off all the extensions. There use to be an app titled Conflict Catcher that can help you target which extension, if any, is giving you problems.

Once you do get it started, I’d look for compatible software on Ebay. You just need to be patient.

Capacitors fail with age, but the fact that the fan doesn’t even start makes me think it might need a new PRAM battery, assuming that the AC cable is properly seated.

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Needs to have Power before that suggestion would work…

This is a good suggestion. The PRAM battery is attached to the logic board, Check out the site for more info and tips. PRAM battery might be found on

I guess I just assumed he did.

Zapping the P RAM worked when nothing else would. My Performa 6200 was still running last time I checked. I was down to 25 mg of hard drive space.

Anyway, I had a stack of Mac manuals which I read cover to cover. If that didn’t work I use to go to MicroCenter and pick the brain of my favorite resident geek in the itty bitty section in the back of the store! But I never even wanted any PC.

Now this is obvious, I suppose someone knows better than I. Wouldn’t the battery be dead? I mean, after coming here and asking what to do, that would be the first thing I’d assume of my Performa which I still have.

It looks similar to this Mac but I think this computer it is a couple of years earlier ( mine had three pieces). I had two like this Mac pictured here in my classroom (one of which was scheduled for demolition by the school district and was in the garbage but I smuggled it out- for the kids).

I have not tried it with the ‘SHIFT’ key down and will give that a shot.

Suggestion about Capacitors and PRAM battery sounds on target. The power cable is original which could also be a cause.

Thanks for all the suggestions!!

On my SE, I do remember having to replace the PRAM battery at least once. When it was dead, the Mac would act like you’re describing. A Mac tech once told me that battery provides a bit of power to get the HD spinning when the power button is pressed, and then the power from the mains kicks in to keep it going (I am sure I am over simplify it, but that is the gist).

I was told the shift key will not work unless you device has power which it doesn’t seem to have (yet).

I don’t know about getting this classic powered up, but I do like the classic Patriot’s logo in your man cave.

Ha! It is a wooden “Boston Patriots” panel and there is a photo of TB12 above it.

You can see more of the space here (a little out of date). Ample amount of Boston sports stuff on the walls. Originally from Boston yet have lived many more years in (sports enemy territory) NJ. Have not lost loyalty to the home town teams :slight_smile: :

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