MacOS 10.15.7 WiFi issues

Since. updating my 2019 MacBook Pro to 10.15.7, it now randomly drops it’s WiFi connection, something it NEVER did before! I’ve found that it does it most often a few minutes after waking it from sleep. I can manually reconnect or wait a few seconds, and it will automatically reconnect. I know that it’s not an issue with my router, as nothing is drops; both music and AppleTV shows continue to stream without interruption, and no one else in the house complains of drops.

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on resolving it?

I imagine you have rebooted your modem, router, and laptop in that order. If not, give that a shot.
Another thing to try that isn’t harmful would be to reboot in safe mode and then back. That tends to clean up some caches and things. Doubtful to fix this issue but worth a shot.

The spirit of this article suggests that it might not be the OS per say, but how it might be reacting with other software.