Macos active window does not open

I’ve had a problem for a few weeks. When I open an app, e.g., from the dock, the window for the app doesn’t open. I have to go to the Window option in the app’s menubar and open it through there. This is even if the app is active and the window was minimized. This is not app-specific, but across the board.

I’m running the latest MacOS 12.5 Public Beta. Don’t know if there’s a connection. I’m also running an external monitor and the M1 MBA is in clamshell mode. It’s worked fine until recently.

Wondering if others have seen this and/or should I turn it in as a problem through Feedback Assistant.



Of course!
If you find something buggy, and has a chance to report it on a way that has at least a better chance to reach somebody who could take care about it, do so!

Will do. Just curious if others had run into it. Will report it now.

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Reporting it to Apple through Feedback Assistant seems to just notify them that you’re having a problem but there is no mechanism to get back to the reporter, nor would I expect a reply. I posted here because I was wondering if anybody else has run into it. I’d really like to fix it as it is becoming very annoying to have to open the app, open the Window tab, then open the window. Cmd-O occasionally works. I would like to hear from anybody that has seen this.