macOS Big Sur losing widgets (configuration)

Every few days macOS Big Sur loses all widgets and I have to configure my widget setup again…

Anybody else suffering from this? How to solve it?

Same issue here. Haven’t found the cause of this. And apart from hoping Apple will have fixed this in 11.3 I have no idea how to fix it. :frowning:

Same issue, I believe it’s a “known bug.”

The number of bugs in recent versions of macOS is getting really shameful.

It happens whenever I update macOS.

Fantastical disappears regularly. As in, I reinstalled it this morning, put the computer to sleep at lunch, when I woke it up the Fantastical widget is gone.

Such a bummer!

All macOS widgets — Drafts and Fantastical are the ones I’ve noticed. Gave up after resetting/configuring a complicated/involved Drafts widget a couple of times. Meh.

This is so unbelievably annoying that I’m considering not updating my Mac.