macOS Mail 15 O365/Exchange account - message URLs dont open

I’ve recently added a 0365/Exchange account to my mail client. I use message URLs in several apps for linking back to the source message. (OmniFocus, Noteplan, Hook, Mindnode, etc) Apple Mail and Google account message URLs work fine, but the O365/Exchange URLs generated extracted by Hook, OmniFocus Quick Entry Shortcut, message “drag and drop”, etc all copy a message URL but when you “open” the URL it brings Mail window to the foreground but doesn’t pop up the message.

Is this a “feature” or is there a setting I need to enable in the latest O365/Exchange software version on Mail?

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This may be of help

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just to be specific - this has been fixed in Ventura 13.1. you can Hook a Mail 16.0 O365 account email and past the markdown link in Noteplan, Drafts, etc.



But it’s only a link back to Mail locally - correct? It’s not a web link that works on other devices?