macOS or iOS Tool Suggestion to Perform Macro Operation on a Directory of Image (PNG) Files

I have several iPhone screenshots all captured on one iPhone. I wish to perform a repeated copy of a specific section of each PNG and save it out to a PNG file.

Would you employ something like Keyboard Maestro or is there something a bit more simple to the layman to perform this kind of batch operation?

My first look would be an Automator action to copy the PNG, then crop the copy. Maybe needing a bit of AppleScript to get the crop where I want, but hopefully not.
If that didn’t look easy then, after considering how many times I need to do this and if it’s worth the hassle, I’d probably use ImageMagick.


I have just today been revisiting a Quick Action I built with Automator and a simple zsh script that creates a contact sheet image containing every TIFF in the selected directory. The engine behind the script is ImageMagick. But that is perhaps straying from the “more simple to the layman” direction.

For something a lot more point and click, check out Retrobatch. It’s kind of like Automator for image files. I just checked and it has a crop action which will do what you want (i.e. crop a fixed width and height at a fixed offset).

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