macOS Photos to Maps

In macOS Photos, looking at a photo’s Info and the tiny little map of where the photo was taken, isn’t there an EASY way to open that location in Maps?

Seems like there was or should be an easy way?

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Not really what you’re asking, but you can click on Places in the Photos sidebar and see all of your photos on a full sized map.

Thanks; that may be as close as I can get, but I keep thinking there is a way.

If you have your Preferences in iPhotos set up so as to Include location information then if you open one of your pictures in Preview under the Tools menu there is a menu item Show Location Info. Go to i and select GPS. That will give you the Longitude and Latitude of the picture as well as the tiny map showing the location.
There is a little button Show in Maps that will open the Maps application with the location of the picture shown.
This is a not very convenient multi-step process. And setting up your Preferences to Include location information is not everyone’s cup of tea.

This might do what you are looking for:

  • Double click the photo so it’s just that one photo showing
  • swipe up / scroll down, a slightly larger map should be revealed.
  • Above the map there should be an address or text description of the location.
    • Click the address, it should open Maps and drop a pin at the location.

YES. You did it Stu!
That works beautifully.

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Great Stu!

You can also just double-click on the larger map and that seems to suffice to Open Maps with the location indicated.

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