macOS Sleep - What is my MacBook Doing?

I put my MacBook to sleep by closing the lid and then went away for five days. It had 95% battery when I left. When I got back home, it was down to 35%. I know in the past when I actually shut down the MacBook, the battery drains by just a percent or two over such a short time period. So what was going on over these five days with the lid down?

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Macs with Apple Silicon don’t “Sleep” like Intel Macs did. So if you close the lid it’s still active in the same way an iPad is if you press the power button after using it. Things still happen in the background.

I’m not surprised by 12% use a day in what is effectively a standby mode.

If you told it to shut down and left it, I bet it would be minimal battery drain.


I didn’t realize that. Now that you mention it, my M1 iPad Pro also drains battery even when I’m not using it for a few days.

I shutdown my MacBook and didn’t use it for over 24 hours. When I booted it up again, the battery was at 100%, so I’ll just have to be careful to shut down when I know I won’t use it for a few days.