macOS Software Update Success / Failure

It seems we’re at the point of late where we need to report success and failure with software updates.


Any success / failure experience?

I’ve held off an Catalina completely.

I think I’m the one person in the world who actually likes iTunes, so I’m sticking where I am for now.


updated Mac Mini and MacBook Air a few days ago - nothing to see here, all working fine, move along…

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Asks to restart, begins update, 10 seconds later just finishes starting and takes me to the desktop. Then it informs me there is an update. I’ve tried it several times. Currently I don’t have time to look into it.

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2016 MacBook Pro: smooth update

2013 MacBook Air: had to force restart mid process (luckily it finished :sweat:) and after the reboot went over the setup your Mac screens (which the pro didn’t), just skipped everything and all all started as usual. When I opened mail it needed a database update (again, no such thing on the MBP)

oh, both from Catalina 15.2.something (the previous one)

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No trouble here with a bunch of machines.

Just be patient and don’t start pushing buttons when the screen goes black for a few minutes. Apple warns for that right before the reboot. But who cares to RTFM

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Oh, come on, I’m sure there’s at least one other person that likes iTunes :grin:

Not me, though.

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