MacSparky's MacBook 16inch Order: I think he made a mistake .. Maybe

I look forward to the first SOC-based supercomputer! Although Apple’s new M1 systems are already “super” computers in my book. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The fastest supercomputer in the world uses ARM-based SOCs made by Fujitsu.

Cool, but what software does it run? I’m pretty sure it would fall a bit flat as a general purpose app-based daily driver. Plus I’m going to need a lot more than 12-monthly installments to afford it!

For the first SOC-based supercomputer, I was kinda hoping that all the cores would be on the same SOC. :sunglasses: Fujitsu’s maxes out at 48 cores per SOC and then uses an array of more than 100,000 SOCs to make up its supercomputer. So still a massively parallel approach to supercomputing.

And that’s nothing compared to where we’re going with our computers. Check out Isaac Asimov’s short story The Last Question - Wikipedia but beware. There are spoilers in that Wiki article!


Okay … I don’t know whether to say “thank you” or declare that all of you suck. :wink:

I have been buying too many computers as of late, but the M1 was irresistible to me. At this point I’m down to just one M1 laptop because I sold my M1 mini back to Apple and I traded away my iMac Pro (which I managed to use for years).

Either way, the siren song of an extra $400 for double memory bandwidth and graphics speed proved irresistable. I’m actually hoping this new MacBook Pro will be another computer that I use for years and thanks to this post, every time I render a video (which in my case is often), I’ll be thinking about the fact I could have done it twice as fast for $400 more.

So … this morning I called Apple support and changed my order … and now my ship date is December, but I’m going to have an even more powerful laptop. I get so much crap from listeners about me costing them money. I just think you lot should know that goes both ways. :wink:


The shoe is on the other foot now, @MacSparky.


Of course, for just a bit more you can make it even better! (and get a Jan ship date)

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This is the way…


They all suck is the correct answer! I went for the base configuration on the 14 and after succumbing to the peer pressure of this group, just upgraded the storage. My delivery date slipped a week. I’m sure they have our best interests in mind…

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Katie Floyd says “Sure, David” as she rolls her eyes. :grinning:


Normally, I’d be right there with you, betting that @macsparky would be buying a new iMac when the big ones come out next year. However, with his home office situation with the need to move into other rooms to record audio may make that less likely.

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Don’t know why, but somehow I was waiting for this update :grin:


After new Apple product announcements I am initially mesmerized, then tempted, but after reflection usually decide my existing hardware is just fine. Then I clean it and it feels new again and my temptation passes.

My 2017 13-in. MB Air is so clean right now!


I haven’t check the list in quite some time and was surprised to find they also have a Green500 list now. The #1 supercomputer has 7,630,848 cores.

If Apple wants to compete they’re going to need a “ship” load of minis. :grinning:

Not gonna lie… for years @MacSparky has convinced me to spend thousands of dollars… it does feel awesome to make David spend a little more.

But seriously, the wait and the performance will be worth it.

Ironic, I almost didn’t want to start this thread because it really is not my business what others order etc… but glad you are happy with your decision.


But not all on one SOC. Still using massively parallel approach. So disappointing. :rofl:

#40 on the list runs on Amazon EC2. I wonder how long it will be until cloud based clusters replace most hardware based machines.

Spinning up a supercomputer as needed would be a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining a traditional one.

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Glad you did. In my excitement of the moment, I looked at the price differential at the beginning of the build, not at the end.


After that many years will Apple’s then OS work on this computer?