"Made for Gmail" by FIPLAB March 2020 release

Just downloaded this and, so far, I love it!
This means you don’t have to be in your Mac’s browser to get your Gmail.
Of course, you grant the app access to your Gmail account. It then loads your familiar Gmail interface and settings into the Made for Gmail app, with an extra column on the left.
You also get an icon in your menu bar to call up the app as needed!
Links in email speedily link to Safari (my preferred browser). Since I don’t currently use Chrome or alternative browsers, I will not be checking links to those.
More to come as we are on “shelter-in-place” here. Good news is that we can still drive, walk, bike ot take public transit (with 6-10 ft social distancing) to parks where we can inhale. nature, wave at others, walk, bike or hike to recharge and exercise!


Fiplab is a good company, I own their folder-look customizer app… Got an email from them about this, where they mentioned a 20%-off coupon MAIL20

This app seems similar to Kiwi For GMail, which I’ve been using for years.