Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 11”

I bought a Magic Keyboard for my iPad 11” and it is really nice - fun to type and the touchpad is really awesome!

But I have one question: It does not stay whe tilted in the furthest back position. It feels like something is pressing back from the furthest back position - like some rubber is to stiff so that it is pushing it back. Is this normal? Is this getting better over time? I would very much like to tilt the iPad as far back as I can.


I don’t have that issue, mine has always stayed all the back (or in any position I put it in).
Could be faulty.

The unlike the main hinge, the end of its range of tilting motion isn’t sharply defined with a lock-into-place feeling, so it may seem to spring back very, very slightly. But, not so much that I’d describe it as you do; yours may be defective.

I have put something underneath the iPad to keep the hinge open, and it seems to be getting better. I assume it is some rubber which is a bit stiff. I still have a few days to check it. Thanks

Take your time, but I would return it if it is not working appropriately in the next few days, before your return window closes.

This doesn’t sound normal. I would exchange it as soon as possible if I were you, especially given the price of the thing.

What you describe is not normal for the 11" Magic Keyboard. Apple should replace it for you.

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They did. OK - it was not Apple directly, but DQ Solutions in Switzerland where I bought it, but they replaced it without questions.

Thanks a lot,



is the new one different?

Yes - I cans tilt it back and it stays in the furthermost position as expected. Before, it was moving back about at least 15-20%

Happy MagicKeyboard for iPad 11" owner now!