MagSafe and Peak Design Case

I’m not sure if this is iPhone 15, or Peak Design case, Belgian MagSafe charger or a combination of the lot.

Essentially, when charging my iPhone 15 on my Belgian MagSafe charger, the case and phone get very hot. I currently have the phone plugged in to my 65W Lenovo charger and it’s not hot, so I’m not sure it’s the IPhone 15 getting hot issue that’s been reported.

The Belgian charger worked perfectly with my Quadlock case and iPhone 12 without getting the device warm - though that could be because I’d generally put it on at bedtime and not check, so it might have got hot, I just won’t know, but I can’t recall this happening when I did charge the phone occasionally during the day.

Does anyone else’s phone get warm with the Peak Design case? If not, it suggests that it could be the Belkin’s fault, rather than the case or phone.

TBH, I’m in two minds for the case currently and whether to send back - it’s nice, but the Siri/screen lock button seems to easy to press and I seem to be getting lots of mispresses. For a case that costs double the Quadlock case which I never had any issues with, I’m a bit disappointed.

FWIW - I have heard quite a few reports on the subject “my new iPhone 15 is running hot”, so hopefully this the normal heat usually seen when a new phone re-indexes and does whatever it does after a restore.

Agreed - it’s likely the phone. Update your software (17.0.3 if you aren’t already on it) and wait a bug fix or two to see if it clears up.