MagSafe questions

I need some help, I have a 12 pro max, finally caved in and got a MagSafe case , the puck from Apple, and I just purchased a 20w car charger for the cigarette lighter. I just started using it so I’m getting use to it. My problem is that when I’m talking on the phone and the phone is on the MagSafe it says it’s charging but the battery is actually decreasing it went from 92% to 86%, then another time I was listening to a podcast for an hour and it went from 94% to around 90%. Is that normal? Why isn’t it fully charging the phone? Am I doing something wrong? How do I get it to work better when I’m using the phone?

I have also watched a ton of videos on YouTube but none of them talk about this.

Also curious if people are all in on MagSafe and if they like it still?


I don’t have MagSafe but it appears that the charger isn’t able to put as many watts into the phone as you’re taking out of it. You could easily test this by repeating one of the operations you described without having the charger connected.

You’re using a cigarette lighter to power the MagSafe puck? I don’t think you’ll get enough juice. Have you tried charging using the puck connected to a regular wall outlet?

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I’m all in on MagSafe for my iPhone 13 pro max but I don’t use MagSafe in my car. I have wired CarPlay so I just keep a cable in the car and plug in when I get in.

Also I find the batteries in these phones amazing. Navigation tends to be the activity that uses the most battery. I navigated a 7 hour journey with my 12 pro max and still had battery left at the end. I wouldn’t charge my phone in the car most of the time if it wasn’t for wired CarPlay.

Other things I do with MagSafe - I have an inexpensive folding stand that takes the charging puck, and I have a MagSafe mount that fits on a tripod.

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I’m not “all in” on MagSafe, but I do use it at my desk and in the car. My experience in the car is the same as yours. Even with a 20W+ charging setup, it can’t quite keep up with everything I’m doing. (GPS navigation, CarPlay, screen on). Also, on really hot days the phone gets so hot it dims the screen. In those cases I just turn the phone screen off and use the built-in screens in my car.

This might be way off, but is the cigarette charger approved by Apple?

Could it be an issue that it’s not ‘passing through’ enough power (shows my lack of electrical knowledge - not even sure if this is a thing!).

I just recently made the call to never ever again buy any cords, chargers or battery related items that aren’t genuine (or approved). It was actually after I bought a non genuine Dyson battery which lasted next to no time.

FYI, based on the following article, the MagSafe puck needs 9V @ 2.22 amps in order to charge at 15W.

USB PD 3.0 chargers with those specs should work. USB PD 2.0 devices might not.

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Ok thanks for the help, so it does the same thing as yours. I wish it really charged it better. But when I’m not using the phone it charges it fine with no problems.

Are you using it with the screen on?

Last week, I used my 13 in the car for driving directions - no CarPlay, but plugged in via USB to the lighter socket. It ended up using more power than it was being provided, as the battery decreased whilst driving.
Using my in laws car during the week, which does have CarPlay and therefore my screen was off, the phone was at 100% when I got out - either it was providing more power, or the phone was using less and I’d believe that as the screen was off, it was taking less power.

Like others already have stated: it is a power issue.

MagSafe works fine, but it is dependent on the amount of power your car is providing the charger with (and the charger itself).

My experience:

When I am listening to music while using Apple Maps or TomTom, my MagSafe charger in the car is able to “hold” the current charge of the iPhone. When I am just listening to music, the charger is able to recharge the iPhone back to 100%.

My Belkin MagSafe charger at home is able to charge my iPhone fast no matter what.

It is the difference between the wall socket at home and the power the car provides.

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Yeah, it’s not about the charger or cable. It’s the phone. MagSafe just can’t “take in” power as quickly as the phone can use it with the screen on, GPS active, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi working, etc.

Thanks everyone for all the help. I’m going to buy the wall charger and see if that works. But I will also keep using it in my car. Now I don’t feel bad, if other people are having trouble with it charging in the car.

Does anyone think it will charger better in a car while talking on the phone or Apple can’t go get this problem fixed?