MAIL Act-on... behaving badly!

Is anyone else out there using Mac Mail with MAIL Act-on tags etc.? SmallCubed MailSuite

I’m on Mojave 20.14.6 / iMac 5K 27" and I’ve been having constant problems with new mail not appearing on my iMac but showing on my iPhone X … I have to quit mail and restart in order to get new Mail. I also find mail is freezing a lot… is anyone else running into this?

I disabled mine several months back– since it was winding my fans up no-end while activated. Figured I would let things settle first, since it was early days in the major release then… So this doesn’t sound good!

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I gave up on SmallCubed’s MailSuite 2019 (Mail Tags, etc.). I was using Mojave, and Mail kept hanging on me, running the fans. That all stopped as soon as I uninstalled MailSuite. I haven’t tried again with Catalina.


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Yep. I flushed that money down the drain too.

Now I’m using MailMate which has tagging built in. Tagging seems like a basic function now, maybe it will make it to Mail one day.

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Well, this was interesting!

Looks like from the replies I’m not alone…

I guess I’ll be joining you on ‘money flushed’ You’re happy with MailMate?

Yeah, it’s fine. My use is minimal. I read email, tag some of them, and archive. Occasionally I need to search for an old email for some reason. One of the reasons I went with MM was to be able to use SpamSieve, as I have ditched Google email completely. SpamSieve also works with Apple Mail, so that’s not a valid reason for buying MM, I suppose.
Another reason was the ability to compose email with markdown. I use this mainly to paste in links, and occasionally for emphasis. Again, Mail does this too.
I will say since switching to MM, I have stopped looking for email clients, having tried Spark, Newton, Airmail, and probably others.
I use Apple Mail on my phone and ipad.
I’m a bit under the weather, so my general lack of enthusiasm probably shows in this reply.

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Glad to hear my decision not to upgrade the suite for Mojave is vindicated!

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