alternatives to Markdown for faster / more consistent message markup ...?

I write a fair number of emails, and a lot of them include things like bulleted lists and subheads. Not because they’re a dozen pages long, but because those things clarify writing quite a bit when discussing technical stuff.

I’ve therefore been using MailMate, due to native Markdown support.

But every now and then I run into situations where I really need to be able to do things like cut/paste HTML - and MailMate isn’t the ticket for that stuff. I’ve been using Mail for that, but having two mail clients is a mess. I also really need robust filtering rules, and I know Mail has those.

I’d happily ditch MailMate and just go back to plain old Mail if I could figure out quicker and more logical markup in Mail. Are there any better tools for doing that sort of stuff? Even if I could custom-define styles and apply them quickly, that would be useful.

For my use case, I have zero desire to use another program to format my message. I do a lot of replies with quoted text, and that just turns into a mess.

Anybody have any pointers?

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Why not just use Mail and its ruler that displays all the rich text formatting features? If you need a shorthand way to do things like bulleted lists, you can add a system-wide shortcut in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts for Mail’s “Insert Bulleted List” command.

Markdown is great. I use it a lot. But it’s really just a speedier way to format text. Since Mail already understands the basic Apple text formatting shortcuts like ⌘B, ⌘U, ⌘I, etc., I would think for most purposes typing with markdown tags is no quicker than typing with Apple’s rich text formatting shortcuts.


That’s a really good point - I keep forgetting that stuff can be set on the system level. I’ll play with re-mapping that and see what it does, speed-wise - thanks!

I use but use Drafts to write any e-mail that needs formatting like you use. I then send the message from Drafts to and it works perfectly. A little bonus is I have different actions set in Drafts with different signature for different situations and accounts that work great.

Only thing is when replying or forwarding. In this case I just write in drafts and copy to clipboard and paste in the message directly in mail.

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