Mail app for Mac Mojave - Turn off the autocomplete feature

Is it possible to turn off the autocomplete feature for email addresses in Mojave? I have tried to find that feature and cannot find it. In older version of the OS, I think there was a tick box somewhere in the “Composing” tab in Preferences but I don’t see it now.

Trying to prevent accidental selection of the wrong email address.

Thank you.

You can manage those autocomplete addresses by choosing “Previous Recipients” under the Window menu in Mail. Deleting the ones you don’t want to show up anymore can be helpful. I do that from time to time.

I can refer you to a conversation on the Apple support forums that claims to have a Terminal command that will turn off Mail’s collection of those previous recipients. I have no idea if the command works or even if it’s legitimate. I’ve never tried it and don’t endorse it. But if you’re interested in exploring it further, that conversation is here:

Mail: How to disable ‘Previous recipients’?

Thank you! I will try that.