links not working as expected

Switched from spark to apple mail since I am not a fan of the changes recently.

My biggest issue (since I do about 99% of my email on iOS/iPadOS) is that when I make a link to an email (typically in obsidian linked to an email or in calendar app linked to email) is that when I click the link it doesn’t work. When I’m on my Mac I click the link and the email pops up. Is this a known issue or does anyone have this working? Without being able to link back to the email on iOS/iPadOS I may have to go back to spark mail as this works well.


I’ve found this happens too, and I think it is related to the email being ‘available’ to iOS/iPad. I’ve got the setting in iOS/iPad mail to ‘no limit’ on downloads, but it can take a while for them to cache (right word?)

I do as well. I have no limit set, and even make sure email has been in the inbox even to check and still does not seem to work…

Did you move the message after making the link? Seems like that caused a problem when I tested mail links on iOS.

I did move it, but with mac mail has no issues finding it. iOS and iPadOS is hit or miss.

I did find one of my accounts only had a max of 2 weeks (can’t select no limit) so that may have been part of it.

What I am doing is putting the link to mail in obsidian and archiving mail (aka processing inbox and removing to archive to work on later). Since this doesn’t work for iOS routinely my work around is to move it to DT or DTTG and have it for reference for link therw. Devonthink and devonthink to go still let me link to original message, but if it’s after the time limit and not synced on the phone (which may be the cause on iOS) at least I can reference it. Then if I have to reply I can always use the Mac. It’s an extra step but working ok.

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Same thing here. One thing I’ve wondering is if this was related to GMail. In a webinar at one point I asked @MacSparky about this but he said he’s never had a problem. I know he’s using Fastmail now and a different IMAP provider before.

I’d gripe about this more but I never like Sparks deep link implementation either because it only works if you send the link to a handful of supported apps. Otherwise you need to use the public browser based link and that just doesn’t work for me.

That and at work, where I receive most of my email, I’m stuck using Outlook and good luck getting any sort of linking out of that behemoth.