Mail App: Listing account in smart folder view

In the default “All Inboxes” view, I can see what account a message is from: e.g., “Inbox - iCloud” and “Inbox - University” in the screengrab below:

Is there a way to get this designation in a Smart Folder?

Use Case → Here is a screengrab from a Smart Folder that gives me everything that’s not in the Inbox or Junk (I use Sanebox). I call it “All Unboxes” and I can easily go from “All Inboxes” ⌘1 to “All Unboxes” ⌘2 to check mail. It’s inspired by Hey’s “The Feed” and, using the unread filter view, works well for me. I see a message and it “disappears.”

Thing is, I get lots of junky things there, and I regularly right click and move to @SaneBlackHole to never see them again. But I don’t know what account the message is coming from and it doesn’t train correctly if I move it to the wrong @SaneBlackHole account.

I could set a rule to color a message based on account, and I might do that if there’s no other option, but I’d rather keep the default look, if possible.