Mail Automation Workflow

Hi all,

I’m using Mail currently (in an effort to use native apps to keep my aging MBP humming along, otherwise it’d be Mailmate) and will be teaching a large class in the coming months that will generate lots of notifications from our university’s learning management system (Canvas, if it matters). I’ll only need to pay attention to these notifications if they mention certain students, all the rest I don’t care about. Furthermore, it’d be very nice if I somehow could easily discern/highlight or tag the name(s) of the student(s) so they’ll be easier to find when I’m skimming a message for the relevant content.

I have some preliminary ideas about how to handle this, but I wonder how YOU would. It’s not off the table to go to a different mail app for the time period I’m teaching this class, or to enlist third-party tools, so suggestions that are client-specific are okay, too.

Thanks in advance for your insights and cleverness,

Thanks for the tip, @Wolfie… didn’t realize that about the rules and iCould.

To be a bit clearer, and perhaps I’m asking too much, but I’m curious what rules, specifically, you’d set in place. I’m interested in seeing how folks approach the issue differently, or similarly.

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