Mail/Context Woes

I’m trying to do something that I feel should be very easy, but I can’t figure it out. I have 15 people in a group email. These are not people I know personally (so they’re not in my Contact list – they signed up for a class I’m teaching. I have an email ready to go with all 15 people in the BCC line. Now, before I send, I want to make it easier the next time I send emails to this group. So, I want to create a mail group. I know I need to do this in Contacts. But when I open contacts, there is not way to paste or even drag and drop the 15 contacts. Do I really have to add each and every one of them to my contact list in order to make an email group? Please say there is a workaround I’m missing.

You can do it manually via Window –> Previous Recipients: get a list and add them to Contacts. (The ones already in Contacts have a little Contacts icon next to them.) Here’s an overview:

Thanks @bowline! I never noticed that previous recipients tab. Do you know if there is a way to drop them into a Group in Contacts directly?

I wish I could just create a group in mail and avoid adding them to my Contacts. But I would settle for adding them all into a Group in one fail swoop. Because even if I can add them to Contacts all at once through the Previous Recipients tab, I will still have to go into Contacts and add them all to my mailing list one at a time.

Unless I’m missing something, that is…

Just did a search and found ‘Mail Scripts’ that might do the trick - except the author says “some” of the scripts don’t work past Mac OS X Lion 10.7, lol:

If it doesn’t work it might at least point to the ability to use AppleScript or Automator to cook up a script that works today.

I did find this 3rd-party app Mail Grab, but it seems a little pricey at $17.

Option 1 - Text Expansion

Create a TextExpander or Typinator shortcut @class which expands to all 15 email addresses, separated by commas.

Create a new email, go to the BCC field, type @class and voilà!

Option 2 - A mailto link in a simple HTML file

  1. Save this to a plain text file called “class.html”

<a href=",,,">Email Class</a>

  1. Replace with your email address (it’s good to have a To: line for spam-filtering purposes).

  2. Add all of the email addresses to the BCC, separated by commas.

  3. Save the file.

  4. Open the file in Safari or your browser of choice.

  5. Click the “Email Class” link and a new ‘Compose’ window will open in your default email app.


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@tjluoma and @bowline voila and tada!!!

Because this is a short-term deal and I really don’t want to clutter my Contacts with these email addresses, I love the idea of using a keyboard shortcut and that never occurred to me!

I’m using LaunchBar for this, because I don’t need TextExpander enough to justify the subscription and I don’t have Typinator. But LaunchBar snippets work just fine.

And thanks for the tip about emailing myself in the TO field. I’ve seen people do that, but I didn’t know why.

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