Mail dilemmas -advise me

Gone down a long rabbit trail of trialing different email apps for Mac and iPhone. I have done this from time to time, like a lot of you, but I invested more time than before in search of the perfect solution. I guess - it doesn’t exist. Curious to run down my parameters/wish list/limitations and see if I am missing anything.

Here is my wish list:

  1. same app for both Mac and iPhone (I assume that is only way to ensure sync of certain features like snooze, which tends to be proprietary)

  2. Color coding by account would be nice

  3. Swiping features on both platforms

  4. Snoozing (where email actually disappears from inbox until the time, not Apple’s “Remind Me” feature where it stays in inbox). Snoozing on both platforms, by the way.

  5. Being able to create a link to the email item.

I discovered that several apps are not allowed by my work Office 365 IT administrator (Superhuman, Missive, a few others). Spark was working, but I got flagged by IT afterward asking why I needed it, and the request got rejected (it still works but I assume that is temporary? or will they forget about me?). Canary does most all of this, but its font/display system is buggy as heck.

That leaves the two titans, Apple Mail and Outlook. Apple is missing true native Snooze functionality, whereas Outlook (new Outlook) is missing the link to item ability (i.e., creating a to-do or reminder that contains a clickable hyperlink that opens up the actual mail item in a new window).

The standard fix for Apple is either Mailbutler, or Sanebox, or using the “share to reminders” feature as a hacky workaround. I have been trying all of them, but: (1) Mailbutler doesn’t let you snooze on iPhone or they would already have my money, (2) Sanebox is a little klutzy for snoozing, with the folders - I guess it would be ok for simply half-day, day, or week snoozing, but if you want to snooze something until, say, a specific day like Oct. 29, at 2:45p.m., you are out of luck. (3) Apple share to reminders works, but is a lot of work to create each one, and also not as elegant as having the email simply reappear in your inbox.

For now, for me, probably Outlook is the way to go and I will just have to get over not having links to mail items. Because I think I will use snooze a lot more frequently than actually needing to create links to emails (although since I know that exists I want to be able to do that, too, dang it!).

Do I have this all right, and you just have to pick the one with the shortcomings you can most tolerate? Is there an option I have overlooked?

I’m surprised your work IT department would be ok with Sanebox, given the it depends on you email psssing through its servers.

Bc(I think I remember reading that Saneboc functions on header data; but even if there’s some way for them to see headers without email bodies, it’s possible to get some useful info out of headers…)