Mail in Big Sur

Just upgraded to Big Sur and it’s great. However, in my e-mail, I use to have about 9 mailboxes linked to Control -CMD 1,2,3,…9, (Something I learned on Mac Power Users). I don’t see how to do this in Big Sur. What am I missing? Perhaps there is a better way.

I use those as well. Or, I used to use those. Now you can put mailboxes in the Favorites at the top and then use ⌘-1, ⌘-2, ⌘-3 etc to switch between them. I do prefer the old way, but maybe I just need to get used to this.

Adding to favorites

List of favorites at the top.

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And there used to be unified archive folder (archives from all mailboxes) on top - that seems to be gone too. Not convenient…