Mail not synching

I use the apple apps for mail. Suddenly, mail is not synching between iPhone, ipad and laptop. I see the mail (most of the time), but get notifications on my devices that I have ‘new’ mail that I’ve already read. And deleting on one, does not delete on the other. I hope that’s clear.

Is there a device where you feel it’s doing what it’s supposed to do?

If so, I would try signing out/removing the email accounts on all other devices and adding them back in one by one.

Our IT person gave me that advice and it kind of worked for awhile but all of a sudden started acting up again. I’ll give it another go.

Are they icloud email accounts or from another provider? (Gmail?)

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I deleted all and started over. My MBP (home) is not synching to my phone. I read 2 emails on the MBP and they didn’t sync as read to the phone. I marked as read on the iPad and it synched in less than a second.


extremely weird.

Are they Gmail accounts?