Mailbrew keeps getting better and better

I’ve been following the team over at Mailbrew since they launched last year, and they are doing an awesome job listening to users and adding all kinds of new features. I got into Mailbrew because they let you create a personalized email digests with content relevant to you from all kinds of sources. Then I quickly got ideas for public brews others might find fun as well. One of those is Disney Parks Weekly, which might just be up @MacSparky’s alley!

Check it out :arrow_right: Mailbrew


I haven’t pulled the trigger on a mailbrew subscription … but I’m tempted.

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I keep thinking of ways to use it and public brews that might eventually pay for themselves :slight_smile:

Signed up for the two week trial. Looks neat, but I can’t help but think Feedbin is giving me the same thing for less money.

I am a huge fan and highly recommend it