Mailing address verification :: How to, ideas and tools

I am looking for a process and/or software solution to verify that someone lives in a particular geographical area to approve their eligibility to vote for a seat on a local government Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council board.

Essentially, I receive street addresses and I need to verify it is in a particular city beat area.

If you’ve implemented something like this before or can think of a way, or different ways, to do it, I would love to hear from you. Thank you.

I’d use location data from an electronic form to link to Google Maps to see eligible and ineligible individuals on a map. With Wordpress you could use a plugin like Contact form 7, or you could do it entirely inside Google by having people fill out a Google form whose location data can be pointer-mapped and seen by you in ‘My Maps’.

Try googling “google sheets” “my maps” and see

Maybe there’s something available off-the-shelf, but it’s probably a costly alternative. The companies I know which offer this functionality sell products to businesses for user tracking.

Some years ago my company would purchase information of that type each year to verify our customer list.

A google search of ‘mailing lists by zip code’ might be a good start in finding a source. I doubt you would find anything for free, but things may have changed.