Major Adobe Updates on all platforms - right before WWDC. No matter - really cool new stuff

Adobe just dropped major updates to big apps across all platforms.

Quick look I really like the “Create Edit versions” in Lightroom. I have always been frustrated with making changes to photos that are 1 step forward, 2 steps backward. This new feature allows making different sets of changes and comparing them. Really useful if you are experimenting or just learning editing sliders and go overboard or want to easily see exactly how different setting of a slider affects the image.

Also adding easier “round trip” between Lightroom and Photoshop for smoother editing workflow.

(If you are an Adobe CC user, check the updates and release notes for more info - you know where to look.)


Curious to learn how “Create edit versions” differs from “Virtual copies” that has been there like forever. I agree, very useful feature. Need to watch some YouTube, I guess :slight_smile:

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but I don’t understand why I now have two different versions of Photoshop the updater is willing to address

or why when I clicked on the older version it warned me it would turn off auto-updates if I downloaded it.

Found this article today. Seems “versions” is quite different from “virtual copies” after all.

Ugh. I specifically make virtual copies not to compare states of an image but to make different edits completely - different cropping, b&w vs color, etc. Without virtual copies you need to duplicate the image itself, which takes up a lot of space and makes managing the database a huge pain.

If this is the way forward for Lightroom/CC it seems even less likely now that Adobe will make Lightroom Classic available on ARM (not that Adobe ever suggested it would happen). Every pro and serious amateur I know who uses Lightroom Classic makes use of virtual copies.

If as expected Apple migrate quickly to ARM on the Mac the competitive market for post-production apps there could be interesting to watch, especially if Adobe abandons virtual copies. Currently on the Mac Capture One has ‘variants’, On1 Photo RAW has ‘versions’ and DxO OpticsPro has virtual copies - and they all pretty much work like Lightroom Classic virtual copies. If they migrate to ARM and Adobe does not implement virtual copies the prosumer/pro market could peel away from Adobe.

Week reading press release of virtual copies reminded me of snapshots (or whatever it is called) history function in LR Classic much more than virtual copies

I did note that option, and it not only increases storage but makes cumbersome photo management especially when you have many similar images. If Adobe does not replicate virtual copies, which it’s had in Lightroom since the beginning, then other major competitors will have a leg up if they make the ARM transition.

Perhaps you had 21.1.3 and 20.0.9 both installed? And I’m confused by this since the current version is 21.2, so why does it looks like it wants to install these older version? I don’t have any screen that looks like yours.

It is confusing. And after I updated I saw that Photoshop was updated to v. 21.2.