Make Trash alias

Does anyone know how to make an alias to Trash?

I think it depends a little on how you want to use it.
Here is one way that might work for you

Do you use Hazel? You could make a folder and have Hazel watch it and move any files put in this watched folder to the trash.

As @Ulli says, whether of not this will work this depends on your use case.

Thank you to Ulli and MevetS for your replies.

I couldn’t make the solution in Apple Discussions work. I could make an alias, but clicking on it brought up an “original item can’t be found” error.

I’m not a Hazel user (maybe I should be).

I haven’t found any solutions via Google search.

The Solution from the Apple Discussion only works on the drive, where the original Trash is located.
Maybe that could be the Problem?

And Hazel became a „good friend“ for me in a lot of situations!
For me it is a very helpful App, worth every Cent, but it depends of course on the individual situation of the User.

The only place that I can locate Trash in on the Dock. I can’t find it in the file system (in Finder). Maybe that is the problem. My ultimate goal is to put Trash in the Finder sidebar, something that I certainly can live without, but I thought that it would be more convenient than a right click or drag and drop to the Dock. It is my boot drive that I’m working with, so multiple drives isn’t the problem.

In regard to Hazel - Keyboard Maestro, TextExpander, BTT, Alfred - it is overwhelming for someone who doesn’t use much automation. I do use TextExpander regularly. Evidently, some folks use all of them - Wow! Maybe I’ll give Hazel a try.

Ok, this can be done.

The easy thing to do is add the Trash Can icon to the window toolbar. This allows you to select a item in the window and then click the Trash Can icon in the toolbar and that item will be moved to the trash. To do this control click on the toolbar and from the popup menu select Customize Toolbar. Then drag the Trash Can icon to the Toolbar.

To put Trash in the Sidebar you first need to make the Trash folder visible. Navigate to your home folder. Then press CMD + Shift + . This will make hidden items visible. (Press CMD + Shift + . to hide them again.)

This will show the otherwise hidden items. Drag the Trash folder to the sidebar. And you are done. And now you can drag things to the trash.

Have fun.

Please see SS. We may be getting to the underlying problem. Evidently, I have two Trash folders, one containing only a few items (Finder window on the left), and the other Trash folder containing many more items (Finder window on the right which comes up when I open Trash from the Dock.) I have had similar problems in the past with apps due to versions in Carbon Copy Cloner on my EHDs opening when boot disk items are clicked, but I disconnected all of my EHDs and nothing changed.

I don’t think, that those folders are actually two different folders.
The two “visible” files contained on the left, are also showing up on the right. But I have no idea, why there are those differences.
Do you have several User on your System, and are you locked on with the User “Ben”?
Are there any differences, if you call up the “Information” Page for those two Trash-Folders?
If you (for sure!) don’t need the files within the Trash anymore, you could select the Trash-Folder on the left, so that only the content remains visible, and mark all files (CMD - A) within the left Trash-Folder (without the folder!) and select “move to Trash” (or something similar in English) from the Right-Click-Menu.
If those folders are identical, this should empty the Trash on the Right, or at least the files that are visible on both sides, which I would not expect to occur, if those are really two different Trash-Folders.

Have you displayed the actual full path for each folder to see if they are the same? If not, try one of these methods.

Yesterday, after my most recent post, an old version of an app ( was put into Trash after I installed the latest version. The old version appeared in both folders. After reading your kind posts, I didn’t pursue the problem further at the time because I had to take my wife to a doctor’s appointment.

Now this morning I see that the two Trash folders have identical contents, the few items in the folder on the left plus the deleted app version. All of the other items in the folder on the right are gone. The computer was not rebooted. I don’t have any apps that empty trash without my input.

So I don’t know what has been going on. I have my Trash shortcut in the sidebar, my original objective. If I see any more anomalies involving Trash, I’ll post further.

“Thank you” to Ulli and karlnyhus for their helpful input.

Just in case you didn’t know, it’s possible to move items to the Trash in Finder via a keyboard shortcut. When the item is selected, Command-Delete will move it. I find it very handy instead of trying to precisely mouse to the Trash.

If you make a mistake, an immediate Undo will return the item (Command-Z).

One can also Control - Click on an item and from the contextual menu select “Move to Trash”.

I can’t remember the last time I actually dragged something to the trash. :slight_smile:

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I don’t use keyboard shortcuts a lot. Just a mouse person, I guess. Note that the mouse generally would be used with these keyboard shortcuts (though selection can be done without the mouse) whereas with dragging and dropping, I don’t have to move a hand over to the keyboard; a highly personalized choice.

Note that “Control - Click” is also right click should your mouse have a right button. :slight_smile:

And putting the Trash icon in the window toolbar allows for moving items to the trash with just the mouse.

I use my trackpad to moving things to the trash all the time. I just don’t drag anything.

Happy mousing!