Making a Good Morning Workflow

Siri Shortcuts announced at WWDC has gotten me very excited. I really want to make a Workflow/Script called with “Good Morning” that gets today’s weather, a fun fact about today in history, and all of my calendar and to do events for today. This is inspired by what the Echo does when you tell it good morning. So, where I’ve gotten tied up is either in Pythonista getting a list of events today or in Workflow where I would be able to piece together a final text output. My plan is to pipe this in to the Show Results coming with the Shortcuts app.


  1. How does one chain inputs from separate locations into a single text field in Workflow?
  2. How does one get all events that are occurring today in all of my calendars using Pythonista?


You may want to start by taking apart my workflow which I actually made for Mario in the MPU community to do almost exactly this! :smiley:


Hi Rosemary, I downloaded your workflow (metric) but I keep getting: conversion error, get dictionary failed because workflow couldn’t convert from text to dictionary. Any thoughts on how to get it solved? I really liked this idea

Where does the error occur? Did you get a Dark Sky API key?

Yep, I copied the sample api address from the darksky website and pasted in the workflow. All went well till it tried to get the location, I guess. image

You just want the key, not a URL, the workflow has the URLs built into it - if you replaced the URL then the Workflow won’t be able to find the information it needs :slight_smile:

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Omg that was it!!! It worked. Actually., it shocked me, didn’t expect the lady to speak hahaha

Thank you!!

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I downloaded @RosemaryOrchard Good Morning workflow and have tweaked it to suit my wants and needs. Thanks for posting it. Saved me some time. :smiley:

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Hi Rosemary! I downloaded your awesome ‘Good Morning’ workflow (thank you), but didn’t see anything about retrieving latest news from RSS feeds. Was that functionality removed? Thanks again!

I did indeed remove that functionality, I was never really happy with how the headlines got read and wasn’t sure about perhaps reading content too - but here’s an example which reads 5 headlines for you:

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Awesome! Thank you for linking the version with RSS! I just downloaded it, configured it, and gave it a go. Worked like a charm. Thanks again! :grinning:

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A huge thank you to @RosemaryOrchard - your workflow for Mario was exactly what I’ve been trying to create myself, but just couldn’t wrap my head around :muscle:t2:

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