Making a Hard Backup of Photos from an iPad

I only run iOS at this point outside of my work PC. I’ve done this for a while and had no issues but something dawned on me the other day. If something happened to iCloud, I could lose all the pictures of my daughter from birth to now.

Is there a simple process that I could employ to make a backup to a local hard storage?

Is it as simple as connecting an external hard drive and using a shortcut or process to send them to the EHD?

I don’t have experience using an external HD with iOS devices, sorry. But you could simultaneously use a secondary cloud service as backup for your photos, which could be free (Google Photos) or possibly free/part of a plan (OneDrive, Amazon Prime Photos). A couple of discussions here:

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I believe that you can buy USB drives that plug-and-play to use for such purposes. I also believe that certain iOS apps support such plug-in hardware even when the Files app may not. Finally, you can access your iCloud account through a Web browser, select all the images in your iPhotos, and download them to a local storage.


I don’t think there’s a way to do this whilst guaranteeing getting full quality pictures, unless your library is small enough so it fits on IOS in it’s entirety.

Sandisk has a line of USB to lightning drives that will automatically backup iPhone/iPad. The largest is 256GB for around $75

If I am downloading from the website, the photos are full resolution/quality, correct?
My new 2020 iPad Pro just arrived and I set the device to download and keep a full quality copy on the device instead of it managing the space. I figured I would put the 1TB storage to work…