Making HomePod work for a family

We’re trying one out. My hope is that it can replace our Echo and our old sonos gear. I like the sound quality and I like the (alleged) privacy.

The problem is with music for my wife and kids. They have used SiriusXM for music in the house using the echo in the past. But that’s not an option with the HomePod.

Which could be fine if there was a different device to use easily. I thought Apple Music would work, but I didn’t think about Apple Music not working on the HomePod if the same account is playing elsewhere.

I’d consider upgrading to a family plan, but I get Apple Music free with my Verizon data plan.

The podcasts work fine for my wife, at least so far.

So my question, power users, is whether there’s a better way to go about this that I’m not thinking about.

I’m spooked about sonos after the ceo said they weren’t going to continue supporting older devices. He took it back later, but…I think we know where they want to go and I’m not super jazzed about building that out.

Google and amazon freak me out.

Is there a good solution for us? HomePod seems really great for single people but might be a hassle for a family … ?