Making my Mac a little more Ipad like?

I find myself repeatedly trying to three-finger swipe between apps on my Macbook using the trackpad … just like I do on the ipad.

But the mac doesn’t work that way …

Any hints how I might be able to do that?

(I have bettertouch tool, and I think I want to map the three-finger swipe to alt-tab)

You could use your apps in full screen mode by clicking on the green button, then you can three finger swipe between the Screens.

A similarly nice method is to three finger swipe up to get Mission Control. I have chosen the option to group app windows together, reducing clutter in this mode.
A three finger swipe down can show Exposé, which lets you go between windows of the current app.


Thanks Graeme.

I guess I shoulda said that I have tried, several times over the years, and I really despise full screen mode :frowning:

I like my windows maximised but I dislike them full-size and find full sized windows hard to use.

I don’t know why …

You can maximize each app in its own Space (not using full screen mode), and still swipe between the spaces.

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So, you want many windows visible on one screen, not full screen, and the ability to swipe between them?

Yes, so swiping is like cmd-tabbing.

Better Touch Tool would probably be able to mimic iPad swipe gestures, have you tried that?

I think a combination of spaces and BTT would do the trick

or just simply like this:

Another vote for three finger swipe up and three finger swipe left/right, both of which I use all the time. I also dislike the true ‘full screen’ but all it takes is to hold down the Option key when clicking the green button and you get a full sized but not full screen window. Add Spaces as required so you can three finger swipe between them, but you can also make them all full sized on the same Space and three finger swipe up to pick one which I personally find superior. I tend to keep separate Spaces for separate working modes.

This can also be done by BTT, just switch the green button from full screen to mazimized

(from MPU episode 2 weeks ago)

I have right click green button set to fullscreen, and left click to maximize.

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