Managing iCloud Storage & Keynote & DevonThink

I’ve started using Keynote more and more and I want to keep my most recent Keynote on my Mac/iPad/iPhone so I have backups on presentation day. The biggest concern is iOS storage. Is there a way to delete old keynote presentations from my iOS devices?

I know I could move them out of iCloud, but if I could keep them all together I would prefer it. Admittedly, I’m used to Dropbox and the ability to download what I need and keep the rest off my devices but close by in case I want to refer to it. Is there a similar functionality I’m missing in iCloud? The only option I see is to delete the old Keynote file, which I don’t want to do. Thanks!

If it’s stored in iCloud Drive rather than on your iPad, iOS will handle this automatically. It will remove the presentation from your device after a while or when storage gets tight but it will still be up in the cloud so you can redownload it if you need it.

Typical Apple approach, the user doesn’t have very fine-grained​ control but it will do the right thing most of the time.

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Thanks. I was afraid that was the case. These presentation files have embedded video and can get quite large. They also change every few weeks. So the “after some period of time” doesn’t work well in my setting. I’m simply not okay with letting iCloud figure this out for me. Call me old school. Or afraid of iCloud’s history of blunders. I have quite a bit of space in my iOS devices, but still it requires more management than Apple allows. It seems like they could “hide” this functionality under an advanced settings tab or something.

I keep what I am currently working on in iCloud, just easier for me. Then, I have what I call “Web Archive” that I will move older files to in Dropbox. The web archive file is not synced to any computer (though I do download to a portable hard drive overnight sometimes, just to have a hard copy). Seems to work for me.

Yeah, I am thinking of doing something similar. I was hoping to give iCloud a go with a large current project I am working on. I’m not ready to go all in like @MacSparky, but I was hoping to go all in on this one project. I see the advantages of it when moving between devices. But those advantages are diminished by a lack of “pro level” features. Bummer.

It just occurred to me that I could index these older Keynote files in DevonThink. Has anyone tried that? My thinking is, they could be archived and easily accessible, but I don’t have to download them on my iOS device unless I need them. At least I think that’s how DevonThink indexing works. I haven’t tried indexing in Devon yet. Can anyone confirm if that is a workable solution?

I don’t think a DT index on one device makes the indexed documents available on other, synced devices, but I’ve never tried. It would be a fairly easy thing to test, though.

Even though I’m using iCloud for most things, Dropbox clearly has it beat on sharing.

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