Managing Spaces

Just watched the new Labs video on this and it’s good. Thanks. I especially like the Better Touch Tool command to move a window to a new Space. I used to have a trackpad command where swiping left or right on the title bar of a window with 3 (or maybe 4) fingers would do the same thing. This was built into the OS and not using a 3rd party app. This was 2 Macs ago and I can’t replicate it so looks like I’ll be getting Better Touch. Thanks for another great video.

I thought that ⌃→ and ⌃← were set up by default to switch spaces. At least I seem to remember those always working and never configuring them.

Look in Sys Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control. You can check and uncheck Move left a space and Move right a space. (Don’t know the default. Mine were unchecked.)

I am convinced they were default, and I have just turned them off — only because when I am remoting into my Windows work computer, I would like to be able to select words in text. :laughing:

I use Spaces all the time and it’s one of the most frequent uses of my Magic Trackpad.

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Would you mind sharing what settings you had turned on that did this (i.e move window to next space using trackpad). Thanks.

To clarify, the ⌃→ and ⌃← keystrokes to which @tomalmy referred change the view from Space to Space. They do not move windows. I realise now that’s not what you were referring to.

Swish window manager will allow to swipe on the trackpad to move a window to a different space.

Amethyst will allow to you to do the same via keyboard shortcuts.

Can you have the same app open in two Spaces yet? I find it impossible to use without this capability.

I have the same app open in multiple spaces quite often. As I type this Safari is open in several spaces, different windows in each.

I have never known this not to be the case that an application can be open in multiple spaces.

My Spaces management is far from perfect, but I’d also recommend checking out Spaceman for keeping track of which space is currently active.

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+1 for Spaceman. :slight_smile:

Although I wish there was a setting to just show the current space, and not all spaces.

I start my day with four spaces open (for personal use only, I’m retired).

Spaces 1 and 4 (far left and far right) start empty and are for irregular needs that pop up (trial a new app, change Alfred settings or System Preferences, edit a photo or other JPEG, view PDF, read Messages, that sort of thing).

The middle two spaces have my standard sets of windows, arranged by Moom. Space 2 has my usual set of four windows: TaskPaper, Safari, EagleFiler, and Apple Mail. Space 3 has a couple of Finder windows and the HoudaSpot search app.

Ya me too. It takes up so much real estate. Or even a vertical view if you hover…

Won’t Whichspace work for you? Spaceman uses some of the same logic in the background.

Thanks that is exactly what I was looking for. :slight_smile: