Managing YouTube playlists / Knowledge Mgmt

How do you capture the YouTube videos that you would like to watch later?

I hate the way YouTube sets up their playlist, they don’t sorted alphabetically so it makes finding one playlist that you want add to quite difficult.

I capture a lot of videos that I would classify as “this looks like it might be interesting” and as a result the videos that I really want to watch get lost in the weeds.

On the iPad I bring up notes along side YouTube and then drag and drop the videos I would like to watch into a note.

My one work around on the iPhone has been to click share and then more and then notes and then find the note I want to add to and then put the link there.

I do this about 10 times a day at least and that’s a lot of clicking. I’m hoping to be able to develop a shortcut but my one roadblock has been how to display the notes so that I can add the video to the right note.

It would be great just to say add to the “Mind Hacks” note and have the video added there or say add to notes and then bring up notes so that I could select the appropriate one.

Not sure how to add the link to the video to the clipboard so that I could then put it where I wanted to.

The other problem that I have is that I listen to YouTube videos while walking and driving and there are some that have great information that I would like to watch again and take notes on.

I’m not quite sure how I can capture those so that when I get back in front of my computer and able to take notes that I can bring up that list.

I want to find a way to incorporate what I’ve learned from YouTube into the way I work.

In the bigger picture this is just another part of knowledge management, I’m really interested to hear more from David about his exploration into knowledge management.

It doesn’t happen often but when it does it feel so good to go directly to the information that you want, versus wandering around the digital forest.

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Not sure if you’ve already found an answer since you asked the question, but I’ll offer a few thoughts.

Personally, I’m currently capturing YouTube videos to watch later in my “read it later” queue in Reeder, which I use for queueing anything I can access via a URL that isn’t “mission critical”. You could save your videos under an appropriate tag and access them on any other device later.

I post any mission critical read/watch/listen items to a Reminders list, to make sure those ones actually get consumed within an appropriate measure of time.

Others might recommend something like or I’ve used both in the past, and been happy with them at different times. I prefer Reeder now because it combines my incoming subscriptions (RSS and newsletters) with my queued reading in one place.

With respect to the Notes based workflow and the shortcut you’ve described: maybe your first step would be to format your shortcut input so you get the title and url as a single item. Then a “Find All Notes” step, where body contains a specific identifier for your YouTube lists (e.g. “YT-WL” for YouTube Watch Later) to filter for your YouTube lists specifically. Then a “Choose from notes” step to zero in on the one you want, and finish up with an “Append to Note” step with your title and URL from the first step.

Hope that helps.


And, for an alternative take, you might be interested in looking into something like and a Huffduffer account? That would basically allow you to capture different YouTube videos as audio items in your own custom podcast feed, which may or may not be of interest to you…

Haven’t used it myself, so I can’t say how well it works, but sounds like it might be worth looking into.


Thx for your response

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Great tip! I think Instapaper support for videos has improved since I last used it for such: I just tried it with Youtube and its pretty good for my needs. I will probably use it to replace my Youtube ‘watch later’ list.

Cool! I haven’t been back to Instapaper for a while now; I should probably take a look to see if I’m missing anything…

For YouTube, I just started to test Play. Happy thus far, though I’m hoping for the ability to run the share extension on an item stored in the app— at the moment all you can do is load a selected video up in Safari (it occurs to me that it might open in the YouTube app if you have that installed). I’d like the choice of which app to open a video in, so I can go ad free with Musi or audio only with TubeCasts…

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