Marzipan Apps (Home, Voice Memos, Stocks, and News)

So I initially liked the idea of the marzipan apps, allowing iOS apps to be ported on to Mac. Now I’ve used them however I do not like them at all. They feel like they’re running in iPad emulation, and don’t at all feel integrated into the rest of the OS. They kind of look gross perhaps with the exception of News which feels marginally better.

I am really disappointed. I hope they get better or I really do see a future full of terrible, lazy-looking iOS ports.

I like the long-term implications, but these initial apps aren’t amazing, largely for the reasons you just described. I think there’s some work to be done to make them perform a bit better and feel a bit more at home on macOS. I am optimistic things will improve.

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I hope you’re right, but macOS needs to be able to substitute out elements of its own interface, instead of just rendering the iOS interface.

I’m fine with them, and as a dog-fooding of their new app framework they are an important (and ultimately improve-able) step towards making available more quality iOS apps on Mac, as well as making it easier to introduce dual-boot ARM-based Mac/iOS hardware, perhaps by 2020.

This isn’t dog-fooding. Dog-fooding is the use of your own production software or hardware day-to-day to inform good acceptance criteria in ongoing development. What we actually have is a case of just plain bad acceptance criteria in production software. It’s the opposite.

I don’t see how these apps are acceptable, honestly. If the framework is incomplete then they should not be in production. I would not have let these apps past UAT.

Which is exactly what Apple did with the “marzipan” framework to create these apps. Apple clearly doesn’t think that marzipan is really for use by outside developers (which is why it won’t be available until WWDC 2019 at the earliest).

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I disagree. It’s the difference between giving your developers an iPhone 6 to run iOS 12 betas as their daily use phone (dogfooding), and giving your developers an iPhone Xs Max with iOS 12 betas (beta testing).

The “Marzipan” framework is not really in production. It has not been delivered to its intended user base. It is deployed but it’s private which is not its intended use and the fact it’s not suitable for its intended use is key. It is kind of alpha software. We’re testing it for them. This isn’t good practice, and hasn’t resulted in a good user experience.

It’s a valid choice to release software that delivers value but still requires iteration to be functionally complete. You can argue that the four apps constitute a minimum viable product. What I’m saying is that the acceptance criteria did not adequately account for user experience, which should have been central to this project. There are issues with good practice, for me, in the way these apps have been released to the public and their state therein.

Using the Apple News app it really just feels like an emulation for iOS as everyone else is complaining about. What bothers me is that its not clear what I’m clicking on as there are no buttons. Then I tried making a video full screen and this happens.
(Note that this is just recording the app window)

There doesn’t seem to be a way to actually make it take up my entire screen.