MASSIVE battery drain watchOS 7.2

Not sure if it’s just me (Series 4) but is anyone experiencing MASSIVE battery drain on 7.2? And yes, I’ve considered the oft-begotten “indexing” explanation, but I’m dropping 15-20% per hour since updating, and this is after doing a complete reset late yesterday. Is it just software or am I asking too much of my series 4?

Not wanting to upgrade to a S6, but if this is going to keep happening with my watches I might be going back to Timex, lol.

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Might be a bad complication? I have a Series 4 and on 7.2 the battery drain seems less than it was before updating.

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I have a Series 3, and haven’t had battery drain issues, but the interface is sluggish. Slow to respond to the digital crown, slow turning on the display when I rotate my wrist.

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I have a series 4. My battery life is excellent, even seems better after upgrading WatchOS. I have had the watch on since 6am, it is now 11:10am my time. 91% of battery left.


Just a datapoint for reference (I have a Series 4, ordered on the first day possible): With 6.x I would finish the day with nearly half the charge left over, but sometime recently (7.x), I started to get low power warnings at the end of my day. Yesterday was the first full day with 7.2 for me, and I finished the day with 45% left.

Typical day for me: Up at 6:00AM, in bed by 1:00AM, watch worn all day, 90 min workout on weekdays, 60 min workout on weekends.

The behaviour that you’re describing does not seem to be inherent to the Series 4, but I’m not sure that’s of any comfort to you. Good luck!


This has been happening too, screen blips, etc.

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Not great, especially given that they’re still selling the Series 3.


I’m getting massive power losses, my watch is usually charged in the morning to a full charge at 6 AM, and usually at 50% by the time I get back home (6pm). Now I’m charging it midway through my day! I’m hoping this isn’t a battery issue in my case.

It’s like QA is not catching stuff before it goes out the door lately, or am I being dramatic?

I’ve been up since 4:55am. It’s 12:50pm here now, and I have 61% battery left.

How far did you go – remove the watch completely from your account and set it up as new?

I replaced my 4 with a 6 recently – after the 4 over the past year or so steadily lost the ability to stay charged for the 14 or 15 hours per day that I wore it. A hour’s walk with Fitness active, music playing, and cellular active – all obviously energy-taxing apps of course – was guaranteed to suck 30 points off the remaining charge.

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@ACautionaryTale I think you need to get more sleep! :sleeping: I’m up at 5 but I go to bed early enough to get 7-8 hours/night. :slight_smile: I don’t think, in fact I know, I would not function well for long with 5 hours of sleep. :slight_smile:


Not all the way down type reset, restored from backup. Could be the issue too?

Not gonna argue with you. This has been a hellish year in a lot of ways for a lot of people, but the miscreants trying to subvert our information systems have really doubled down. Their work ethic means that I have to adjust mine :laughing:

While I don’t know what you do for a living, and I’m not asking, it sounds like you are directly or indirectly engaged in cybersecurity. Bless you! Whatever your role and industry in that regard, you are performing a vital and often unseen and under appreciated service. I’ve read enough and have had enough phishing attempts directed at me to know that the issue of cyber and network security is relentless and dangerous. Thank you for your part in keeping the miscreants at bay!

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Could be – if there’s a software error that’s causing the drain.

I know you’re busy, but I would reset, not reload from backup, and not load any or just a few apps initially.

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This may be the right move, thanks :pray:t2:

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Follow up: I did a full reset (nuke and pave!) and eliminated a navigation app that had been giving me issues. This seems to have done the trick, now consistently have 50% battery life left after 12 hours of use, 3 days in a row.

Thanks again for the push! :+1:t2:


Great that worked out for you! GPS apps seem to suck juice big time.

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All, Is there a way to tell what the battery usage by app on WatchOS? I like the way that iOS does it.

@Aaron_Antcliff What was the navigation app?