Massive Glitching in Final Cut Pro and Motion


Just bought and downloaded Motion to try my hand at doing some video animations and titles etc.

However, upon loading the new software, the menu titles glitch like crazy. Menus do not show and cause ‘pretty colours’ to show on the screen. Managed to get some screen recordings and thought to upload them and ask if anyone else had any issues.

Opening Final Cut Pro X to mask out some personal details in this screen recording shows identical problems with (a previously working) FCPX!!! :sob: (After a quick test, iMovie also causes the same glitching!)

Now, I noticed when downloading, and now opening up FCPX that each are freshly updated with new Metal graphics processing. Further, I also just installed MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave Supplemental Update 2.

Now, I don’t know what has caused it but my guess is either updates in Final Cut Pro, Motion (and iMovie) or this Supplemental Update, or a combination of the both. Or, perhaps my logic board is giving up after working on too much video.

Whether software or hardware, either issue is not wonderful for me. Hardware means going through Apple support and possibly repairs. Software issue means waiting for updates, which may be a while coming. :sob:

I just started up Motion on my iMac, and did not see any of this weirdness. It got an update just a day or two ago, including the Metal additions. (Still need to learn how to use that app though…)

I’m running an ATI Radeon card, looks like you use Nvidia? A driver issue may indeed be the case. Also, the recommended platform for Motion is listed as macOS Catalina in the Help-section. (I am still on Mojave.)

Probably a case for Apple Support.

Would make sense if it is Nvidia drivers, as far as I remember, they don’t really play well with Nvidia at the moment! They should still be supporting Macs that have the hardware however.

I cannot upgrade to Catalina yet, as I am still working through to ensure I have no 32-bit software left that I rely on.

Thinking of making a clone backup, doing the upgrade to see if it fixes the problem.

TLDR: software issue, fixed by wiping and rebuilding the MacBook from scratch.

Took it in to Apple store. They ran some hardware tests and no issue. Further, they booted to an installation with iMovie installed, and there were no issues. So their clean install of the OS had no issues, therefore it wasn’t hardware.

They offered to reinstall the OS then and there, but I wanted to take it home and make one last backup before nuking and paving.

Backed up to a sparse-bundle, and did the wipe.

After rebuilding and reinstalling all my apps, Final Cut, Motion and iMovie work fine with no issue.

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