Mastodon client that does:

I’m looking for a mastodon client which does:

  • most recent items are at the bottom, not the top (nobody does this)
  • sync read between iPhone and iPad apps (ivory does this)
  • If unread is higher than x (maybe 100) quick scroll button to start from y (probably also 100) so you have a finite number to go through.
  • See boosted posts only once, (maybe once per day)

Honestly, if you’re using Mastodon, you should buy Ivory by Tapbots. It’s the best.

Ivory is good, but it only does one of those 4 things, as far as I know.

Ice Cubes has a different complimentary feature set, and there are things that only the Mastodon website does.

Ivory has the ability to build filters, e.g. filter out boosts, and/or show only boosts. (Read the Macstories review)

As you said, no-one does latest at the bottom, and I doubt anyone will do volume based unread presentation