May 2020 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

I just contacted Apple Support because two apps that needed updating gave me the same error, and they don’t require Catalina. So something’s borked on their end.

Odd! Before I posted the sale info yesterday, I successfully purchased the pro package. My MAS is still in High Sierra system. Could it because of different zones? Mine is China’s MAS. Or the app stopped the sale?

Thanks. Updated FL3 at discounted price :blush:

How does this compare to Cyberduck?

Forklift makes a fantastic Finder replacement, Cyberduck not at all.

Was able to “buy” the app just now.

Yes, it’s working for me too now. Definitely a problem on Apple’s end, and they fixed it, but not before people complained on Apple’s Support site and on Reddit, or before AppleInsider reported on it too:

Sorry, I never used Cyberduck so I can’t compare. As @bowline commented, it is an excellent Finder replacement. You can try Forklift for free if you are interested.

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I did and it looks very nice, but it failed with the WebDAV service I mainly use.

I can copy individual files, but not folders, since top folders are repeated at lower levels according to ForkLift. In reality they are not and CyberDuck and CloudMounter handle this service just fine.

Too bad; looks like a nice tool.

I used Cyberduck for many years. But then I got Forklift in some package. For me it was much more powerful and easy to use because I was dealing with several bugs in Cyberduck. Since then I’ve paid for Forklift new versions.

Looks like I used Cyberduck from 2004 to 2011, so it could easily be much better now.

Fledgling sale

5% off sitewide

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Does work with that service on another Mac…

Previously I bought CloudMounter, so trying to figure out the added value.

(looks like ForkLift supports SSH keys for SFTP, while CloudMounter does not - nice for my Raspberry Pi’s)

FYI if any of your Raspberry Pis run Pi-hole you might be interested in the new Mac menubar app PiBar which lets you manage it:

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Nice one, I love this!

Just discovered ForkLift 3’s sync feature.

That would have been so useful when I was developing a homebridge plugin (editing JavaScript code in Sublime Text on my Mac, but executing it on a Raspberry Pi).

That feature alone made it worth purchasing ForkLift 3 anyway, even if there’s overlap with Cyberduck/CloudMounter/… (in particular with this discount)

Thank you for mentioning their Spring sale!

You’re welcome. One of the things I recently discover on the forum here that I’m enjoying is AutoMounter. Since I’m working from home over VPN this has been super useful. I connect to my work VPN and it automatically mounts my volumes that I need. When I disconnect the VPN, it automatically unmounts them. Very slick.

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Staples has the 8TB Seagate Backup Plus Hub USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (STEL8000100) on sale for $154.99 - $10 w/ coupon code 45298 - another $20 w/ coupon code 35575 = final price of $124.99 (price reflected during checkout). Shipping is free.

I’ve owned two of these for a couple of years (purchased at Amazon, currently $154.99), never had a problem, found them quiet.

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I believe these are SMR and not as good to shuck for a NAS. Still great as external hard drive space

Elpy is a free (no IAPs) ambient sound app for Mac that lets you mix-and-match sounds and their respective volumes in the mix. Pretty nicely done. Don’t know how long it will remain free.


Not Mac based but Civ 6 is free for a limited time