May have found a significant limitation in Craft

Right when I think I have my workflow settled, I run across a problem. I’ve reported this to the Craft developer so I’m hoping it will be corrected soon, otherwise, back to Obsidian! Here is what I sent the developer:

I think I found a bug/limitation in Craft for pasting content. I have been attempting to paste my Kindle book highlights as plain text to Craft for a research paper. I am able to copy and paste all of my highlights to Text Edit or to Drafts but not to Craft. This is a problem. For example, when I paste the highlights from a Kindle book into Text Edit or Draft, all of the notes paste in, in this example to “location 2261.” However, in Craft the paste function stops at “location 781.” The result is that I’m missing a lot of information. Out of curiosity, I replicated this process in Obsidian. I was able to paste all of the highlights in Obsidian but not in Craft. I love using Craft but this will be a show stopper for me as I do a lot of research and writing. Can this be corrected?

Have you tried pasting without styling (cmd-opt-shift V if memory serves)?

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If @anon85228692 's proposed solution doesn’t work, there is the Insert text by typing macro in Keyboard Maestro (don’t recall if you have KM or not), which can be used to set up a ‘type the clipboard’s contents’ macro and shortcut key.

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Yes, I even tried pasting first to Drafts, copying again and then pasting with comd-opt-shift V. I hit the same limitation.

I don’t have KM. Though that might work I think the better “solution” is for the Craft developers to address the limitation. :slight_smile:

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Indeed. But we can’t recommend KM enough generally speaking :wink:


I hear so many good things but it sounds complicated. I struggle some with Shortcuts except for very simple ones. I have NO programming, coding experience and little time to learn. :slight_smile: I presume that would be a limitation for me with KM?

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I already received this response from the developer on Slack: “Hi "
Barrett, sure I will take a look!”


I wonder if this is a limitation of the block size? Are multiple blocks being created when pasting or just one large contiguous block?

I’ve been exporting my Kindle notes from Readwise as markdown and importing into Craft without issue. Are you pulling direct from the Kindle app?

@KGF that is an interesting thought. I just checked and you are right, it created one giant block. :slight_smile: But, I tried all three download and paste formats: plain text, Json, and HTML. And I tried basic paste and come-opt-shift-V. I get the same limitation. Plain text will paste everything but as one giant paragraph with no separation. That is untenable. I don’t use Readwise as I don’t want another subscription. I use Bookcision to download the Kindle annotations/notes.

Update: I did find a workaround. If I download the notes as plain text from Amazon using bookcision, import to DT, convert to MD, then paste into Craft, I get everything. :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything in the Craft documentation about limits to block size, either in terms of lines or amount of data.

I did an experiment and pasted a five line paragraph into a block in Craft 1,000 times. It didn’t hit a limit.

Edit: Looks like ~40 pages is the limit per @kgf’s finding below.


KM is insanely powerful but you can do already very nifty stuff with exactly zero code. On the surface, it works exactly like Shortcuts, but can light years beyond. Also, you can have KM record your actions on your computer to have it redo exactly the same things as many times as you like.

Don’t expect to master it in one go or even a year. It’s an app that you keep discovering and refining, a bit like Hazel.

I tried to replicate this but Craft was creating new blocks each time I pasted.

I put about 480,000 characters into a Pages document and pasted that directly into Craft as a single block, then copied the Craft block back to Pages for a character count. The block cut off was exactly 20,000 characters with spaces.


Good finding. I’ll bet my 5x1000 blocks was just shy of 20K characters.