MBP 2015 battery replacement tomorrow...anything special I need to do

I’m taking my beloved MBP 2015 13" in for a battery replacement tomorrow (gulp).

I don’t wanna but I gotta…(like a root canal for a computer… :pleading_face:).

I have everything backed up on hard drives and with Backblaze.

Anything else I should do before I take my friend in to the computer doctor??

Oh…and found out it is NOT under the battery replacement program…grrrr…

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I need to take mine in sometime soon too. Swollen battery, but not under a program :frowning:

(it rocks when it’s hot, but not when it’s cool! The battery has been drained and I’m not using it now)

Thanks GrammeS and bowline…

Interesting, we live far away from the closest Apple Store, and I went to one of Apples recommended “Premium” repair shops. Without even looking at the MPB I was quoted $459 to replace battery (and some other household chores like “not losing your data” and “dust removal”.

Well, that’s not happening :frowning:. So I’m trying to connect with Apple to get them to do a mail in for repair at Apple.

An interesting journey so far…

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I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a similar quote from Apple.

A screen repair for an iPad from 2017 out of warranty costs over $300.

For me, my 13" is a spare machine (it was my first MBP and had a really good offer, but it turned out too limited for my hobbies) so I just bought myself some screwdrivers for $5 and I’m going to try to remove the battery and run it on mains only…I read it’s possible with some command line scripting.

Just mentioning it in case that’s an option for you (I’m concerned that the wonders of MagSafe will make power unreliable though).

Battery service should be about $200 for that.

Just talked to Apple, and they said cost would be $500, and need to pay upfront before they will send me a box to ship it in.


I’m going to investigate the ifixit route.

That isn’t right. What are they saying, or what are you telling them is the issue? Here are their prices.


I’ve never heard Apple quote a $500 laptop repair price sight unseen. @cornchip posted a good link to expected individual repair prices, but if there’s more than one repair being considered you should call to ask what specific repairs are being quoted. I’d ask for an itemized quote to be emailed, and if that’s not possible then escalate and ask for a supervisor.

My battery was about $200 I think on my old laptop. It was so old Apple didn’t have the battery so they told me to go to the authorized dealer down they street and they did the work on it.

Yeah…really kinda crazy…the website says about $200. I realize that there might be other issues, but none that have been impacting the machine so far.

I will ask for an itemized break down.

(I know right now That it’sworthmore.com will give me $425 for it in Trade-in as is, but Apple will not give anything in trade-in for it as is)

Hi, I had my 2015 15" MacBook Pro in for a battery replacement last year. My simple advice would be to ensure you have an up-to-date backup - and you said you’d already done that with Backblaze.

Warranty program or not, the biggest issue for me was being without it for a couple of weeks as they couldn’t do the replacement in-store - it had to be sent off! I didn’t realise how much I relied on/used my MacBook Pro. However, I did receive it back precisely when they said they would, and it was in perfect condition - AND with the new battery inside…so can’t complain really.

Do you remember 747Captain
how much that cost?

Mine was done under the special extended warranty program they had - so it was free. But my points still stand about ensuring a backup is done, and that I found it hard to be without my laptop for 2 weeks.

Finally was able to get to the Apple Store. They are going to replace the battery for $199 (plus tax) and ship directly to my house. Much better than the price quoted to me by Apple on the phone ($500) and shop visit ($459).

We shall see what final cost is…