MBP "rejecting" AirPod (2) connection

Hi everyone,

Anyone else experiencing this? … I connect my AirPods (regular, series 2) to my MBP and in less than a minute, the mac just disconnects the Bluetooth connection.

This happens even if they are in use! (Video call, music, etc.)

I thought my phone may have been greedy as it might have been “grabbing” the connection and turned off BT on my phone and iPad. Nope. Still a problem.

Running the latest software on all (checked for updates) and the AirPods have the latest (AFAIK) firmware, ver. 3A283.

Could this be an unexpected bug in the AirPods’ firmware update?

I’ve tried having the Mac “forget” them and re-connected to BT. Same problem.

Been having a few issues connecting. Was intermittent; now consistent. Could be that my AirPods are going bad(?).


I may have fixed this.

My left AirPod was reading much less charged than the right one (eventually went to 1%).

Not sure what the approved method for cleaning the contacts is; so I stuck a Q-Tip down into the well and dug around a bit. Nothing.

I then noticed that the left AirPod wasn’t charging/wasn’t connecting at the bottom (at least not reliably). … Broke off the head of one of the Q-Tips I was using and stuck it in the lid so trying to close it would push down on the AirPod.

Of course the case wouldn’t close, nor did I think it would apply enough pressure for me.

I have a Catalyst AirPods case and used it to grip the partially closed lid as well as it could – Figured this would be a minimal amount of pressure vs. putting rubber bands around it!

Now that everything is at 100% charge, my MPB is not dropping the connection.

This is still puzzling; because I don’t think it should have been dropping the connection when I was at 80% and 57% (R/L).

My “fix” could have been in deleting the AirPods from my MBP’s Bluetooth area and re-pairing them several times. … I’m not sure.

Time will tell!