MDM for Me and Mine?

Is there such a thing as an MDM solution for the home? I have (just as y’all, I assume) a number of iDevices about the house, and while it is not a complete pain in the ass to update the software when that special time comes, it would be nice to be able to just push a button on my Mac and let it loose… thoughts? suggestions?

Here’s one solution you could try:

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I tried adovating for this once…

Does/would/will either Server or Configurator do what I want to do?

Following. I looked at Jamf briefly and it looks like it hooks into the Apple MDM, which if you download their literature it looks like you need a business account to activate (ie corporate email, DUNS number) it seems just hard to make work on a individual basis. If you have a different solution or another solution I’d love to know about it.

I think JumpCloud is another option.