Meater Conspiracy Theory

I LOVE my Meater thermometer and use it all the time for grilling, roasting, and smoking meat. Now that they added live activities you can see your temps from your lock screen!

My conspiracy theory revolves around the Apple Watch app. It’s terrible. It’s worked maybe 1 out of 100 tries. With the cheapest Meater, the range is really poor (standard bluetooth range with all the requisite interference) and I have to set my phone right inside the window to the back porch, less than 10 ft away from the probe where it STILL drops the connection. IF the Apple Watch app worked, I could leave my phone by the window or on the back porch and walk all around my house checking my cook.

You see, Meater also sells two more expensive products that both have significantly better ranges. If the Apple Watch app worked, I wouldn’t need better range.

Guess what I purchased today…