Media surveillance?

I’m looking for a good way to keep a watch on the internet for certain mentions of things.

I work for a small company in the record industry and we would be very interested in any mention of the company’s name online.

I know that’s probably impossible to find for free, but it is something which should be possible. I know sites like can monitor sites and Google has a service to do the same of the entire web, although I never really found it to work very well.

So any recommendations out there for something like this?


I wonder if DEVONagent could do that with a scanner plug-in.


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Google Alerts - Monitor the Web for interesting new content


This might be a good jumping off point.

I use my inoreader subscription to trigger any alert that I selected, then I get an email with the relevant content from the feed

+1 for Google Alerts

I use Feedbin for something similar. Subscription is less expensive, and the UI as a regular feed reader is nicer.

how would that work, Katie? :slight_smile:

I’m looking for something that would scan the entire web, not just specific feeds :blush:

Thanks, I’ll give it another shot, but I find it very unreliable

I should have said “Search Set”. Anyway, a DEVONagent Search Set can be parameterized to look for defined queries in a defined portion of the internet, run on a schedule, and perform actions based on the outcome of the search, such as store the results in DEVONthink or archive the results, etc.

It takes trial and error to properly configure a query and parameters.



As others have said, I find Google Search to work well. I refine my searches when I get incorrect results a couple of ways:

  1. Use the minus sign before a word to exclude it
  2. Use speech marks to select phrases rather than two independent words (“Elton John” rather than Elton John)
  3. Combine the two above to exclude multi-word strings
  4. Look only in certain countries and languages (e.g., if your record company is only in Denmark then you can limit results dramatically).
  5. Play around with Sources and How Many - you might want things like tweets, you might not

I found that the search for my company kept giving results for a company with a similar name (it has Solutions at the end of the name whereas the company I work for doesn’t) so the above rules really helped only give me results I cared about.