Medium-worth $5/month, $50/year?

If you are, or ever have, subscribed to Medium, do or did you find the $5/month, $50/year worthwhile compared to other options? Why or why not? I’ve seen a few articles that interest me but I’ve used up my free quota.

Thoughts based on your experience?

From my side, Medium is showing a too wide range of Information, from too many source, you are often hard to verify.
It’s like you stand on a marketplace, and everybody is telling you his or her opinion, no matter if you are interested, or not, or if he/she has real facts, or not.
It would not be worth for me, to pay a fee for that.

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I did subscribe a while ago but most of the articles were too short and written by amateurs (which was obvious most of the time).

I unsubscribed because the quality of most posts was terrible and I prefer to read information from a more authoritative source like a magazine with professional journalists.


If you find yourself routinely going beyond the free quota, it’s probably worth it (and only fair) to subscribe.

If you’re only occasionally exceeding the free limit, though, trying a different browser or opening the article in a private tab might get you access to a few articles beyond the limit.

I’m not being facetious when I say I have no idea what I’m missing by not subscribing. I don’t even know the limits of the free tier, because I always seem to be at 1 or 2 out of 3 free articles and never blocked. I’m guessing that’s because I tend to read Medium articles when linked from outside Medium.

I’d like to think there is really good content I’m missing by not paying, just because I want everything to be good, but I don’t know how to find it.

I do miss when they were hiring talented writers and paying them to create magazines. They abandoned that strategy in the last couple years.

It sounds like this would not be a worthwhile subscription. Thanks for the feedback!

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this is exactly what I do, I admit that I am a cheapscape. However, I think only a few articles from Medium are worth ready and are nice to read, not critical. So I remain unsubscibed after paying for one year

@Bmosbacker You can install CookieAutoDelete extension and that’s it. Medium tracks the usage based on your browser cookies. Install this and read as many articles as you want for free. :smile:

PS: Don’t login to your account though

Oh, that’s why I wasn’t aware of this limit…

And I’d rather spent the money on some good subscription Apps or services that I enjoy using every day :wink: