Memo Recording Workflow - iOS

This workflow will record a voice memo, play it back to you, ask you where to save it.

Record Audio

  • Audio Quality: High
  • Start Recording: Immediately
  • Finish Recording: On Tap

Play Sound

Show Alert

  • Title: Continue?
  • Do you want to continue or start again?
  • Show Cancel Button: True

Encode Media

  • Audio Only: True
  • Format: MP3
  • Mode: Stereo

Dictate Text

Set Name

  • Name: %Dictated Text%
  • Don’t Include File Extension: True

Show Alert

  • File has been saved as %Dictated Text%.MP3.

Save File

  • Service: iCloud Drive
  • Ask Where to Save: True

Vibrate Device

Show Notification

  • File was saved as %Dictated Text%.MP3

Exit Workflow

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