Messages and iMessage Rant

hi MPU,

Hope all is well. I am just ranting about a frustration I have with Messages on Mac versus iOS experience. I am trying to find ways to resolve this.

  1. Search - Searching for any things on Messages is a disaster and brings oddly different results than iOS does.

Example - my mind blanked on the type of mulch I generally buy for my fruit trees (yes I am picky, I am in another group for fruit trees). I did a search in iOS for ‘mulch’, I got several threads on conversations that found what I wanted. I decided to do this on the Mac and search. It would not bring all the results that iOS did. The Mac experience is severely limiting, even in trying to scroll further in the conversation.

  1. Lack of filters - iOS or Mac

I wish there was a way to filter for phrases, people, etc.

I am sure there is more, but I eventually found what I wanted, it took longer than expected.
Thank you for listening.


I often find Mac Messages lags quite a bit behind iOS/iPadOS in getting the latest into its brain. Like, long enough that I give up and walk away from the computer and when I come back it’s there.

That probably doesn’t apply to looking for old conversations, unless you hadn’t opened it on the Mac in a while.

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I had thought since last year (iOS 14/Big Sur) that Messages was a universal Catalyst app?? So same features/functionality were in both?