Messages for MacOS: Why won't it behave like iOS for message order?

I use Messages on MacOS and I have this very problematic issue that luckily has never gotten me into any trouble:

When I receive a message on Messages, it doesn’t automatically raise that recipient’s thread to the top. The message window remains on the same recipient, which means if I type into the message window, I end up sending a message to an unintended recipient as opposed to the one I’m trying to answer.

I’m wondering if there’s a setting for this that will fix this?

Are you using iMessage in the cloud to sync your messages across devices?

I ask because I don’t see this behavior, and I’m wondering if syncing iMessage (which I do) might be the reason why.

I do use i Message in the cloud to sync my messages across devices.

I’m really happy YOU don’t see his behaviour since it then suggests there might be a way to fix it! :slight_smile:

would it be fair to say that you have at least one messages window open 24/7, AND that you’re clicking on the toast notification to open messages when a new message comes in?

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I only have the overall messages window open. By default the pane that shows messages (as opposed to recipients) is the last person I responded to. I don’t click on notifications to open messages. I’ll see either the notification (and let it fade) or I’ll see I have a flag on the messages icon to say I have unread messages.